The Former Lands of the Great Kingdom Are In Turmoil!

The decadent nobles of the North Kingdom, ruled over by Grenell I, continue to squander the hopes and lives of the people. The resources of the kingdom are horded by the Hextorian elite and the poverty stricken citizens of the north Kingdom fall into despair.

To the west, the Kingdom of Nyrond is almost in complete economic ruin due to the turmoil of the Greyhawk wars. Many citizens of Nyrond are being forced to banditry to survive and the restructuring of the provinces by King Lynwerd of Nyrond has led to much confusion amongst the nobility and only causes more problems as different nobles bicker over land rights.

The Bone March is overrun by Humanoid tribes and any humans left in this former frontier of the Great Kingdom are either dead or enslaved.

Overking Xavener I rules the United Kingdom of Ahlissa from Kalstrand and has the kingdom under his firm control. He has re-instituted the imperial hierarchy and has disenfranchised many minor nobles. A large black market threatens the kingdom’s real economy, but many go along with Xavener’s plans as it has led to much less chaos. Rumblings of discontent are brewing as Xavener tightens his grip.

The southern lands are controlled by pirates and brigands who look only for profit. They scoff at the warnings of Ahlissa and continue their activities with impunity.

The people call out for heroes and a clarion will sound. . .

The Clarion of the Ancient Order